Alison Parker, CPA

Thomson Reuters
Senior Technical Editor
(800) 968-8900

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Alison Parker, CPA, is a senior technical editor of PPC products for the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters. She is a contributing author of PPC’s Guide to PCAOB Audits, PPC’s Guide to Audits of Nonpublic Companies, PPC’s Practice Aids for Audits of 403(b) Plans, and PPC’s Practice Aids for Audits of Form 11-K Benefit Plans, as well as a coauthor of PPC’s Practice Aids for Audits Performed under International Standards and The PPC Accounting and Auditing Update newsletter. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, she was a senior audit manager for Whitley Penn LLP. Ms. Parker has also worked as an accounting manager in the pharmaceutical industry and as an audit manager for KPMG LLP. Her extensive experience includes providing a wide range of accounting, auditing, and consulting services to public, private, and nonprofit clients.

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