Angie Wood

Wood CPA

While pursuing her accounting degree, Angie learned how involved tax preparation is. Taxes are complicated! Preparing taxes is like seeing a 10,000-piece puzzle through to completion. 

Did you know that the U.S. Tax Code is tens of thousands of pages long! Indeed, not everyone has the time or ambition to read through that! Fortunately, Angie's clients can rely on her knowledge of the code, so they don’t have to read it themselves.

Clients connect with Angie. She is a good listener, and clients leave their meetings knowing that she cares about them. Angie enjoys helping her clients understand the ins and outs of their taxes. Angie also enjoys hosting “lunch and learns.” Angie uses these sessions to foster a personal connection with her clients and educate them about changes in tax laws.

About Us: Has a different vision than a typical accounting firm - the whole industry is going through a shift with technology innovations. Wood CPA brings a unique value above and beyond tax preparation.