David Wilkins

Wolverine Business Solutions, LLC
Founder and President
(470) 403-2927

David Wilkins is a CPA, information systems, and small business consultant.  Over his 3 plus decades, David has worked as a senior project and consulting manager at companies such as USAA, E&Y, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and IBM as well as having started several practices and owned a franchise.  He has advised and partnered with startups, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 100 C Suite executives to achieve measurable results by focusing on delivering real business value.  His experience includes business planning, accounting, the full lifecycle of information systems, professional services practice, and business development as well as business process improvement.  David describes himself as one who “knows the debits and credits as well as the bits and bytes.

David Wilkins resides in the Atlanta Metro Area and earned a BBA and MBA from the University of Michigan.

Wolverine Business Solutions partners with sole practitioners and small accounting firms so they can help their SMB clients drive financial performance, accelerate growth, and build lasting value using the Wolverine Business Solutions strategic Financial Performance Process.

About Us: We all know that starting and running a small business or nonprofit can be most rewarding, but it is still a lot of hard work. The problem is that many small business owners have specialized, creative visions, which is what got them started, but are not skill business managers, especially when it comes to financial accounting, planning, and information technology. Most business owner and nonprofit directors don’t understand their financial statements. Financial statements weren’t designed with the average small business owner or nonprofit director in mind. As a business owner, I empathize with your challenges, but as a financial and information technology professional, I offer the expertise to help you overcome them. It is my mission to demystify this data into information that you can use to manage and grow your business or nonprofit.