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Johan Colvig

Co-founder and Architect
(844) 577-8707

Johan Colvig has 15+ years of experience as an industry leader in the business intelligence space. He is a co-founder and architect of MoreReporting, the most advanced financial analytics tool for QuickBooks. His core philosophy is "AI Assisted Advisory." He believes that AI should augment accountants to become advisors to their clients.

Before MoreReporting, Johan was a co-founder of Infotrust A/S based in Europe. Infotrust was a leading SAP business intelligence partner. They won the Partner of the Year award 4 times in the Europe North region. He has 8 years of experience in teaching financial analysis. He has been a keynote speaker in different conferences in the US and abroad.

About Us: MoreReporting is a simple business intelligence platform and takes just minutes to setup, providing automated solutions for Quoting, Advisory, Consolidation, and Automated Reporting. They sync data from Quickbooks online and Quickbooks Desktop, and perform industry benchmarks, financial ratios check, and trend/numerical analysis - to identify financial challenges and opportunities for clients. Contact us for a short introduction or demo.

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Date RecordedAugust 6, 2020  CostFREE  Course Length1.0 hour  Subject AreaFinance  Course LevelBasic  Instructional MethodGroup Internet Based  PrerequisitesNone  Advanced PreparationNone     Who should attend?CPA - small firm, CPA - medium firm, CPA - large firm, Other