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John Procopio

LivePlan for Strategic Advisors
Director of Marketing

John Procopio has been toiling on the internet in a professional capacity since the mid-90s. John's worked both in-house for large ecommerce and SaaS firms, as well as played the role of digital-marketing consultant for more than 50 organizations.

About Us: Since its creation in 1988, Palo Alto Software has grown to a respected provider of small business tools worldwide with the single goal of helping other small businesses grow and become successful. We now offer several software products and an extensive library of free expert content to help small businesses succeed. We understand small business because we are a small business. We know what it's like to start from zero, with no outside investment, and build a company from one employee to nearly fifty. Our products are tooled for small businesses because we understand the challenges of startups, and we also know what it takes to be successful. We are committed to providing that knowledge, experience, and expertise to as many other small businesses as possible.