Joseph Anderson

Sync with Connex
CEO and Founder

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Joseph Anderson founded Sync with Connex in 2010 at age 25 with a $20 investment. In his previous employment as a software developer, he noticed that an intern spent hours every day manually entering data into QuickBooks, and his employer was losing money as a result. Joseph founded Sync with Connex to free accounting professionals from manual data entry. Joseph has helped over 5,000 business owners and accounting professionals since 2010 and has turned his $20 investment into $10 million dollars in revenue. Joseph is the author of "The $20 SaaS Company: From Zero to Seven Figures Without Venture Capital" published in 2021. 

About Us: Sync with Connex offers software integration tools to automatically sync your e-commerce sales channel, shipping solution, CRM, and more to QuickBooks Online and Desktop. With advanced duplication prevent features, our automation tool eliminates manual data entry. In addition, our tool presents an accurate report of profit and loss while managing inventory, mapping customer order history, and accurately tracking your business sales and expenses.