Mary Read CPC, CPFA, QPA

Eliminate Hidden Fees

Mary Read CPC, CPFA, QPA has more than 30 years of experience designing and establishing qualified retirement plans for closely held businesses. Mary’s expertise has made her a frequent speaker and contributor to financial industry publications and she has written several books on the subject of qualified plans and retirement. Among her credits she has taught pension classes for financial professionals of major financial institutions and been a featured speaker at national meetings for the Society of Financial Service Professionals, the Association for Advanced Underwriting (AALU), LIMRA, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and the Form 400. Mary continues her active role in supporting financial professionals and closely held businesses with pension strategies in her present position with Eliminate Hidden Fees and as National Director of Qualified Plan Marketing at Pentegra Retirement Services. 

About Us:

Eliminate Hidden Fees is a boutique financial services firm specializing in full service qualified planning solutions, and we provide our services at no cost. We’re a full service qualified planning firm; we specialize in helping clients maximize the amount of money they can put away tax free and also maximize their retirement benefits from their accumulated retirement accounts. Qualified accounts are the most efficient way of saving for retirement, and maximizing these contributions benefits clients with a current tax deduction by accumulating more resources for retirement. We also provide clients with a detailed understanding of the available strategies and options to get the maximum benefits out of their pre-tax retirement accounts.