Milla Austin

The Sales Seed, LLC

Milla is a CPA who works with accountants to help them strategically build and grow their business.  Milla believes that all accountants can increase their business by 15-20% by spending time doing the right activities that will generate revenue. Milla has developed two major sales training programs at Wolters Kluwer and Bloomberg BNA. Since Milla launched her training program at Bloomberg BNA, the company has had continuous grown and hit over their annual goal six years in a row.   Milla is a trained sales trainer with specialized training in the sales process, presentations and leadership development. Milla holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Sacramento State University.

About Us: We recognize that sales can be intimidating, whether that means selling services or those of your firm, but this business development is necessary to progress in your career in this industry. With the proper training and framework in place, becoming a “sales person” is actually very simple. That is what the Sales Seed is all about.