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Ebook + Print Edition: The Accountant’s Guide to Resolving Tax Debts

The Accountant’s Guide to Resolving Tax Debts: Offers-in-Compromise, Installment Agreements, and Uncollectible Status – Second Edition

Are you thinking about expanding your tax practice to serving clients who owe the IRS back taxes, penalties, and interest?  Do you want to learn more about the process of offers-in-compromise and other tax debt resolution options so you can serve current clients better?  Are you wondering how to increase your revenue and offer more profitable tax services beyond tax compliance?

If so, this book is perfect for you. This guide steps you through the procedures you need to know to help tax clients who have debt with the IRS. The key is to know if taxpayers qualify, and this book shows you the formula that the IRS uses when evaluating the taxpayer’s situation so that you can wisely counsel your client.

This knowledge is in great demand.  Most tax practitioners do not know how to do this, more than 15 million people owe the IRS money, and many of them need the help of a tax resolution professional.

Included in this book are six case studies so you can follow real life examples, 36 exhibits showing completed forms and letters you need to learn, and an Offers-in-Compromise Checklist for you to use with potential clients at the end of the book. It’s everything you need to understand how to help clients navigate and negotiate their IRS tax debt.

You’ll also get the 59-page “Community Property Addendum” as a BONUS when you purchase this book.

This book includes:

  • 7 chapters on the process of offers-in-compromise
  • 6 case studies
  • 36 Exhibits
  • Offers-in-Compromise: The Checklist
  • A 59-page Community Property Addendum
  • Table of Contents


  • About the Author
  • The Lure of Offers-in-Compromise
    • The Collection Process
    • Financial Analysis: It’s All in the Numbers
    • Installment Agreements and Uncollectible Status
    • Offers-in-Compromise
    • Bankruptcy
    • Collection Appeals
    • Payroll Taxes and Personal Liability
    • Case Studies
    • Ex. Exhibits
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