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Public Speaking Is Not What You Think It Is

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” This, she learned firsthand. Roosevelt struggled with public speaking.

Though a globally esteemed activist and diplomat, Roosevelt was incredibly shy and introverted with intense presentation anxiety, but the passion for her message pushed her to overcome the fear and build that public speaking muscle. As a result, she was able to leave a permanent mark on the human rights movement.

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, one thing is certain - public speaking is an important skill to build. This, of course, is no secret. After all, almost every profession requires it.

However, public speaking is the largest form of social anxiety - one that can impair not only your career but also your sense of self. According to a study at Columbia University, fear of public speaking has 10% impairment on wages and 15% impairment on promotion. Furthermore, only 8% of those who have public speaking fear seek professional help.

Perhaps, this is because of a common misconception that public speaker training is only for giving a killer keynote speech or presentation. It’s not.

Public speaking is for building relationships. It's for educators who want to engage their students. It’s for people to market their value to a new client or employer. It's the confidence to walk into a boardroom meeting and know your thoughts matter and your experience is needed. It's tapped to share your vision and passion as an expert. It's honed in to motivate your team into action.

Yes, this skill can be used for keynotes, but honestly, this is just the tip of the public speaking iceberg. It's a craft that can be learned to accelerate your trajectory.

Studies have shown public speaking is proven to help you build hard skills like research, writing, and quick-thinking, but it also directly supports the development of soft skills like self-esteem, confidence, and anxiety management. These are foundational skills in each of us that harbor our potential and influence the lens through which we view and live our entire lives.

Everything we do is public speaking - ordering coffee, speaking to a friend on the phone, asking a question in a work meeting. In this way, developing your public speaking can be beautifully transformative to every aspect of your life.

Taking the initiative to expand your public speaking ability will instill in you the strength to better communicate your skills, your identity, and your dreams. Don’t take it from me - take it from Eleanor Roosevelt and so many people throughout history. Behind your powerful voice is the understanding you were born to communicate something that only you can.
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Published Date 01/11/2022
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