Research and Development ...

Total Content Available: 28.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 5.0
The Research and Experimentation Tax Credit (also known as the Research and Development or R&D tax credit) can be of great use to firms of all sizes when properly applied. Once thought to be exclu...

Sales Tax

Total Content Available: 238.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 2.5
Laws on sales tax vary greatly and can be equally confusing for businesses and their accountants.                                          “Sales tax” is a tax on the sales price of goods and services...
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Total Content Available: 960.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 182.0
Taxes are the cornerstone of the accounting profession, and a robust continuing education in tax law and compliance is at the core of a strong accounting practice.This course series includes classes o...
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Tax Reform

Total Content Available: 98.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 14.5
Tax reform continues to be a heated topic in Washington D.C. with the ramifications of each new law trickling down to affect clients of all sizes.Our tax reform course series aims to provide a mix of ...
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