Mental Health

Total Content Available: 33.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 15.5
It’s no secret that the accounting profession can be particularly demanding. This series highlights the human side of accounting, giving you information and tools to live a more balanced and fulfillin...
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Total Content Available: 89.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 6.5
Non-profit organizations follow unique accounting criteria that differs from for-profit companies in many ways.These course offerings aim to provide the most current and beneficial information to acco...
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NYU 13th Annual Tax Contr...

Total Content Available: 10.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 0
The NYU School of Professional Studies in collaboration with is pleased to present the 13th Annual Tax Controversy Forum on June 24 - 25, 2021.Register for both days at an 18% discount ...
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PPP, ERC, and The America...

Total Content Available: 49.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 0
As we endure uncertain times, it's becoming more important for tax preparers to understand the rapid tax and financial changes surrounding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Employee Retention Cre...
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QuickBooks Online

Total Content Available: 161.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 36.0
Deepen your knowledge of QuickBooks Online and find more ways that this robust software can benefit you, your practice, and your clients....
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Real Estate Taxation

Total Content Available: 78.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 12.0
Stay up to date on real estate tax law and find ways to get the most for you, your clients, and their properties....
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Retirement Planning

Total Content Available: 93.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 22.0
Educate yourself and your clients with these webinars for the latest updates, news tips, and tricks for planning a successful retirement....
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Sales Tax

Total Content Available: 276.5 hrs
CPE Credits: 3.5
Laws on sales tax vary greatly and can be equally confusing for businesses and their accountants.                                          “Sales tax” is a tax on the sales price of goods and services...
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Tax Analysts

Total Content Available: 8.0 hrs
CPE Credits: 0
This series contains live and archived courses from the trailblazing reporters at Tax Analysts. Their mission is to shed light on tax policy and administration through aggressive, unbiased reporting a...
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